Wednesday, June 17, 2009


My fiance and his friends have begun an exciting new project to bring information about classical music events and musicians in Louisiana to the public through a new and beautiful website: This project is co-sponsored by Irazu Music and Drift Web Design. Our friends over at Drift did a terrific job of designing a beautiful and versatile website that will be available for contributions from a variety of musicians and has great potential to be an important resource for all those interested in "classical music" in Louisiana.

Please check it out! and forward it to any music buffs you know. You can subscribe to the content to get all the latest news. If you or anyone you know is interested in helping write articles, add events, or create any other content-- sign up on the website!

One of the premises behind the website is that if "classical music" is made more accessible to people (like me) who did not grow up studying it, then many more lives can be enriched by a whole area of art that many people have not explored. "Classical music" is really a terribly vague phrase for a huge tent of music that includes everything from popular film-inspired works, to baroque, to the actual classical era composers we love like Mozart, to romantic music, to impressionism, to cutting edge improvisational and abstract works including electronic influences. There's something for everyone-- and much of it is just as accessible and gutturally enjoyable as your favorite pop artist's last album.

Please, take it from me, one who assumed she would always be bored at concerts: "classical music" is not just for well-to-do art patrons (although they have traditionally funded much of society's high art)-- it's for everyone. Some of it may not be "your thing" but you'll be surprised at how much of it you'll love if you try it out! And love of great music fits, of course, perfectly into the Louisiana cultural atmosphere. Did you know that New Orleans, Louisiana used to be one of the premier places in the world to hear opera? There is no reason why Louisiana can't continue to foster and expand appreciation for a broad spectrum of musical diversity-- keeping "classical" in that number with blues, Cajun, country, rap, folk, zydeco, and all that jazz...