Saturday, October 08, 2005

Yeah, so it's been a long time...

This has been easily the hardest month of my life. There have been so many ups and downs, I barely know where to begin.

Just kidding, I do.

I climbed a mountain- a WHOLE mountain. Mount Monandnock. All by myself.
If you don't believe me, there are pictures. Just scroll a ways down and you'll see that I'm in quite a few of them, wearing a green shirt and white fleece.

Everybody asks me why I don't have that much of an accent. I tell them because New Orleans is not like the rest of the south. They don't believe me, I don't think. Oh well.

I guess I's just ignant. Glad thar's a KKK meetin night in the woods, so's I can cry to my feller klanswomen...

Speaking of sterotypes....

A lot of Yankee stereotypes aren't true. Here are two that are:

1) Their food is bland. Only occasionally are things seasoned. The Walmart only sold mild and medium salsa, NO hot.

2) Yankees, specially New Englanders, love apples. Ok, so maybe that wasn't a stereotype before, but it is now. They know all the names of different apples, they like to pick them. Our cafeteria always has bananas, oranges, and THREE different types of apples. I've seen people playing an apple card game here. I need to buy cheap plates for my room, and the cheapest ones I could find have ONLY apples painted on them. Not all kinds of fruits, just apples. Like, that's what I REALLY want, when I finish a big bowl of spaghetti-- to see great big apples painted on my plate. I've even had APPLE PIE SHOTS! Those things are unbelievably awesome, big thumbs up for them. Finally the phrase "American as Apple Pie" makes sense to me, although I prefer Nick's proposal: "American as Red Beans and Rice."

Let's discuss FPC/New Hampshire drinking laws next (with good old Loyola/New Orleans life examples beside them):

Kegs are prohibited on campus. (Kegs are provided through the student activities fees for senior barbecues ON THE RES QUAD at Loyola).

Beer and wine are the only alcohol that can be purchased at grocery stores. Hard booze can only be purchased during the very specific hours during which the STATE RUN liquor store is open.
(Hey, it's 2 in the morning, I feel like making margaritas. Let's run down to walmart and get a handle of Tequila!)

Drinking games are illegal. (Enough said.)

It's illegal to have open containers outside. (In New Orleans the bars give "go cups" so you won't take your glass outside and break it on the street.)


YOU, if intoxicated, are considered an open container! If you've been drinking, it's ILLEGAL to go outside, just walk on the street with no booze in hand!!! (THIS RULE WOULD OUTLAW LIFE IN NEW ORLEANS! Mardi Gras day means over 1,000,000 New Hampshirian criminals reveling in open air!)

So yeah, there's been a little bit of culture shock, especially when a huge party busted out singing Neil Diamonds "Sweet Caroline" last week! WHERE AM I?

Seriously, I love all you FPC people, you rock my world. Specially down in those lakeviews, with your ardent yet illegal beer pong and kings.

Even though the parties supposedly have to end at 2, we have lots of fun running from the cute little campus safety and the omnipresent Rindge PD. Good times!

I'll update more now that the greatest part of the trauma seems to be over.

Just bear with me!