Saturday, August 30, 2008

Katrina: Unnatural Disaster

The United States Army Corps of Engineers isn't evil; it's underfunded and not watched over carefully. We can't just blame them for all our problems. However, the Corps does need meaningful oversight. That will take political willpower.

With Gustav on the way, we should all be painfully aware of how vulnerable so many levees are across our country. Of course, levees are not the only answer. We also need coastal restoration in Louisiana and smart building and zoning strategies.

Anyways, all my prayers are going out to everyone in Gustav's path.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Coming up: Three Years After Katrina- 8/29/08

Three years after the storm, many obstacles to recovery and other problems still remain for the Gulf Coast. More than ever, while campaigns are going full blown, it's important that we keep what happened in memory. Here are five easy things you can do to commemorate 8/29/05.

1) Get Informed. There are several great websites you can visits to learn the facts about Katrina, what went wrong, and the recovery efforts. Two of my favorites is are's page and America's Wetland.
Of course there's also google.

2) Write/call/email your congressmen. This is so easy and it actually does make a difference. You can either write your own letter about how you want better levees, funding for coastal restoration, a plan for Fema, etc. Or you go to websites like the Gulf Restoration Network for prewritten text. Also, dropping a line to McCain or Obama won't hurt!

Contact your house members.

Contact your senators (including Mac and Oby).

3) Talk to your friends about Katrina. Easy. You can even start a heated debate, but the point is that we don't want people to forget. Especially now that campaigns are in full swing!

4) Attend or host an event commemorating the third anniversary of Katrina.

5) Volunteer your time or donate your bucks to help spread awareness/ aid restoration efforts.

Check out
The Gulf Restoration Network
This group is concerned with levees all over the nation- you'd be surprised how many are inadequate.

The New Orleans Musician Relief Fund


Make it Right
This is the one with Brad Pitt.

just to name a few.

Thanks for standing with the Gulf Coast!!