Saturday, November 19, 2005

A little bit of homesickness

Hey everyone,

This last month has been huge. (just like dear old dad would say)

I scored in the top 2% on my LSAT. That's a big deal. My future is all but sealed.

I saw Washington DC. For a conference. It was great.

Raul came. We had an amazing time together. We are an awesome team, and I'm crazier than ever for him.

He showed me Boston. Kudos to Jan, somewhere out there, for a great experience! Coming back to Rindge after that weekend was a little bit of a let down.

It's really cold now. I want to party, but I don't want to go outside. I miss my friends from home, and the nice mild New Orleans winter. People keep telling me I just have a month left, but it seems like a very loooooooooooong month.

The kids at FPC are cool, and I've made some good friends, but I just miss New Orleans so much right now. It would certainly be different if I had chosen to leave and had said goodbye to everyone formally. But I didn't. I didn't get to despedirse with my old life.

On Tuesday I will get to see what's left; I fly in for Thanksgiving.

I'm nervous.


PS: Raul is spending the winter in Michigan, taking lessons from a fabulous violinist, Dylana Jensen. I'll leave you with a great picture of him at Halloween.