Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday Funday: Trombone Shorty

In case you didn't know, Trombone Shorty is the future of New Orleans music. And the freaking MAN. Real name Troy Andrews, this guy is an incredible trombonist, trumpeteer, and entertainer. He and his band fuse New Orleans jazz sounds with the new hip hop, funk and many other genres.

(video introduction)

The first time I saw him was outside at Satchmo Fest (free outdoors festival in New Orleans). First I was at another stage, enjoying a brass band. But my Dad walked over to Trombone Shorty's stage for a couple of minutes, and then came back to us insisting that we move to his stage. Of course I'm rolling my eyes, like what can be better than a traditional New Orleans brass band?

Well, no offense to any awesome brass band, but Trombone Shorty is probably the best live act I have ever seen. I have never seen a crowd so pumped. People were jumping and dancing. Did I mention it was during the day in the dead of summer in New Orleans (late July) and we were standing in the sun? Beads of sweat were pouring down everyone's faces and people of all ages were jumping up and down like maniacs. The following clips do not begin to convey- but I must try- the incredible showmanship, musicianship, and energy that Trombone Shorty brings to his live performances. This guy is just 23 and he is already being hailed by Marsalis-es and the like and is performing all over the world at prestigious festivals and with first class acts.

He is making New Orleans music for a new generation. Keep your eye on him.
Here's his site. Enjoy the clips.

Outdoor concert.

Doing a jazz solo

w/ Bonerama


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