Monday, March 30, 2009

This weekend: The Tulane Environmental Law Summit!

I am very excited about this weekend! The Tulane Environmental Law Society has put together an unbelievable lineup of speakers, activities and panels for this weekend's Summit. From Mike Tidwell, renowned author of Bayou Farewell (an absolute must-read if you haven't already) and others, to great panels on pressing issues like the future of LA's oil and gas & the dead zone in the Gulf, to important speakers such as the president of Global Green and the newly appointed (New Orleanian) head of the EPA.

A list of the summit's attendees would read like a "Who's Who" in Louisiana environmental law, with everyone from important coastal scientists like Dr. John Day, to (hopefully!) the new head of the Louisiana Governor's Office of Coastal Activities, Garret Graves. And I know for a fact that many amazing lawyers and others will be in attendance that don't even have their names on the program. Also, I hear that the play put on by the Tulane Law Students is one of the most surprising highlights!!!

Best of all, the Summit is now free for ALL law students! Even for us Tigers, who will bring a small but proud contingent to represent our school and support our Tulane counterparts. Thanks for all you guys' hard work!! I'm super excited!

Finally, isn't their fleur de lis graphic amazing? Check out all info about the summit here.

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