Friday, April 03, 2009

Check it out: Chicago Toilets contribute to Gulf 'Dead Zone'

City Room™ - Science - How Chicago Toilets Lead to Gulf 'Dead Zone'

This piece from Chicago Public Radio is great!! Upriver pollution wreaks so much havoc on Louisiana's environment as the Mississippi River drains almost all of the central U.S.'s waste right into our precious ecology. One of the many negative effects is the Dead Zone in the Gulf- an area of water the size of New Jersey that is pretty much unable to sustain life. Serious national legislation is needed and overdue on this issue. It's wonderful to see that awareness may be rising up there!

Thanks to Frank Truesdale's Infotrawl at Louisiana Coast Post for this great catch!


Andy Dupre said...

Well how nice to have the nation's sess pool forming off our coast. It's unfortunate that our unique geography makes the state vulnerable to storms before they hit the rest of the nation, and simultaneously allows the nation to dump everything it wants down to us.

On a brighter spot of news, the Air Force has selected Barksdale Air Force base here in Louisiana to house 'Global Stirke Command' which will oversee nuclear-equipped bombers and intercontinental ballistic missiles.

Relevance: It will create roughly 900 jobs in the state.

jo said...

Hey Andy,

Yeah sometimes I find it depressing that we basically do all the dirty work and handle all the gross stuff then get looked down upon by other areas.

Anyways, that's pretty cool that we landed the "Global Strike Command" - don't mess with Shreveport.

Andy Dupre said...

On a quick personal note...

I like those little bumper stickers
that say: I Mess With Texas.