Friday, April 03, 2009

The Three Main Goals of this Blog and an Invitation for You

1. This blog is borne out of my love for Louisiana and my passion to ensure its bright future- particularly when it comes to coastal restoration and hurricane protection. Every single morning I dive into a variety of Louisiana news and commentary sources, and then at work I spend hours pouring over coastal law and policy documents. The people who love me can tell you that my brain is an obsessive information-collecting-machine and random-idea-generator. That's why Think Big Easy's first main goal is to share this flow of information and ideas so that it might help someone to "Think Big"-- and gain a larger perspective on Louisiana issues that will hopefully spur informed decision-making and creativity.

2. In the same vein, I know that I do not have the full perspective on anything. This is why my second main goal for this blog is to generate discussion. Please if you have something to add, any kind of update, any helpful link, or can see that I'm missing something, jump in and spit it out! Comments are enabled and encouraged. Slap your blog or website down, and I'll visit it and comment.

Caveat: criticism is welcome but nasty attacks will be deleted. I'm especially referring to political comments that are more inflammatory than thoughtful. Blame it on me, because I personally can be very sensitive. I appreciate that some people think that stuff is funny- but I don't and it distracts me from the point the writer is making. A little example off the top of my head: ripping on Jindal or Obama's budgets as irresponsible (with reasoning) would be perfectly fine and welcomed. But referring to Governor Jindal as Piyush or President Obama as B. Hussein Obama would not be OK. Not trying to offend you, just pointing out that I want a polite and wimp-friendly blog.

3. Finally, this blog's last main purpose is to celebrate Louisiana's culture, successes, and people. This means posting about artists, food, successful businesses, good news, or any other thing that explains our love for Louisiana and our willingness to work for its future. I do not believe that Louisiana is the only worthwhile place in the world to live, but it certainly is one of my favorite places because of our wonderful people and rich culture.

My Invitation to You: Thanks for reading this far! In line with the above three goals, if you have any ideas, a voice to add to any issue, see any interesting articles that are skipped over here, know a business, person or organization doing great things here in LA, would like to write a guest post, know a way to improve or just found a neat youtube video or source that relates to the purposes of this blog, please share! I read all of my comments and may also be contacted through email on my blogger profile. And please pass this blog to along to anyone who might be interested! I'm new to the serious blogger community, but I'm in this for the long haul.

Thanks again!

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