Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sunday Funday: Bread Pudding Poboy

First off, happy Easter!!

Yesterday the family and I had a long, exhausting trek around the metro area looking for wedding venues. After all of that, we deserved some good food. So we went to Ye Olde College Inn-- it's in a new building (next door to the old location). In case you haven't been, this is a great, inexpensive New Orleans establishment that is a wonderful idea for out-of-towners. Especially now, in the new building, which is charming and covered in paintings and other relics of New Orleans' past.

Anyways, I had the veal and brown gravy, which was delicious. But I split it with Mom because Dad told me that there was a dessert that I really needed to try.

And then... wow. The "Bread pudding poboy" at College Inn is not really a poboy but two lightly fried slices of bread pudding with rum sauce in the middle. The outer crust is reminicent of beignets and the inside is that perfect bread pudding texture. Amazing. Five stars.

And apparently it won "best in show" at the Po-boy festival last November.
Po-Boy festival winners announced - Judy Walker: New Orleans Times-Picayune Food -

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